Connect your Calendar, automate your reminders and follow up mails

Automations and Analytics to improve the productivity of your meetings.


Meeting Automations

Automatically send reminders, follow up and collect feedback.

No matter if you are a team leader, a trainer, a sales representative or any professional organizing meetings, MeetLama offers you effective workflows to engage with your attendees before and after your meetings.

Improve your meeting with automations
Get meeting analytics and optimize them

Meeting Analytics

Get to know the recipe for a successful meeting.

With Meeting Analytics you gain control over how much time and money you invest in meetings. Learn which type of meetings are the more productive.

Features that you will love

Options that will improve your meetings

Anonymous feedback

Get valuable feedback for your meetings. Collecting anonymous feedback from your meetings you will quickly realize if the participants find them useful. Learn from your mistakes and improve your meetings to provide real value.


Get reports about the best times, best day, and optimal duration for achieving successful meetings. Track how you spend your time in different categories of meetings and get to know which are the best performing.


Set clear objectives and get a score for your meetings. Get alerts when a meeting it's at risk of being unproductive.


As we don’t believe in one size fits all, we have a range of prices for every organization growing a business online.


19 € /mo

5 event automations

Credit card NOT required!


49 € /mo

20 event automations

Meeting analytics

Credit card NOT required!


999 € /mo

Unlimited event automations

Meeting analytics

Credit card NOT required!